Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elul 5772 posting 2

"the horn blows to usher in Elul and it is blown every morning of the month of Elul as well, lest we forget and slip back, lest we surrender to the entropic pull of mindlessness. The Torah also stands ready to help keep us awarke."

The shofar calls to us, 'wake up, wake up'!

In what parts of your life since last Rosh Hashanah have you been sleeping through? In your personal life? Professionally? Spiritually? Religiously?

What can you use as an alarm clock in the next 30 days to ready yourself to stand amongst your community and God on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

How can you make your spiritual awakening a process - establishing steps on a path to help to make the holiness you want and need in your life a reality?

What type of Torah awakens you? Is it through prayer? Through study? What traditions can help wake you up to Rosh Hashanah's quick approach?

If you don't atttend services this month try purchasing a shofar and blowing it at home or print a picture of one and leave it next to your literal alarm clock for the month of Elul.

Awake, awake....Chodesh tov (A good month.)

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Neshama said...

evocative and important questions. thank you, rabbi e!